Plan to expand the region and spread the gospel

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Plan to expand the region and spread the gospel Empty Plan to expand the region and spread the gospel

Post by [Archeuland] on Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:29 pm

Plan to expand the region and spread the gospel 300px-STP-ELP19

The Alliance of Protestant Nations has grown exponentially in the last month! We're about to celebrate a full month of existence, so I want to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their help and look forward to the region's future. As I always say, should God will it, this region will continue to expand. If not, we have still seeded a new movement, which I believe will continue our work.

Regardless, there's no denying that the growth of our region is not due to our own work, but God's. This kind of growth is not common in a region. Our devotion to God will give us blessings. God will send us new people to meet with and share the gospel of Christ with. Hopefully, God will use us as tools in his hand to reach the unsaved and bring them to Christ.

Without further ado, here are some plans for the expansion and prosperity of our region in the coming months:

  • Inauguration of the Biblical Assembly, which will be a Christianized version of the NationStates World Assembly. It will act as unified Christian front in NationStates as well. We will need the support of other Christian regions, and it would be especially useful to get the assistance of the Eternal Knights, our strongest ally so far.
  • Continuing recruitment will be another mission. The recruitment scripts have sent about 1500 telegrams now. There are 100,000 active nations on NationStates. They need to hear about our region as well! We will continue to recruit and continue to spread the word. One way we will do this will also be by personal telegram discussions, as well as a continued drive via the NationStates forum.
  • Creating a regional army and security force - yes, we will be doing this soon. Our friend Christainville has volunteered to head up a security force. Not only that, we will also need an active WA-based military.
  • We need to continue educating our members in apologetics. There is little use in sending countless telegrams and engaging in debates with non-members. It would be helpful to find a way to teach our members - particularly the less-educated - about the Bible and theology.

If you have other suggestions, submit them here. God Bless the region! Very Happy

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