Creating an Army

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Creating an Army

Post by [Archeuland] on Tue Dec 02, 2014 7:07 pm

Greetings Very Happy.

The Biblical Assembly will be nominally political, but will also be involved, when necessary, in military campaigns (a) for the best interest of our members or (b) for safety. I can't think of any other reasons. We may branch out with some ideas like a possible Crusader Knights, which would be an active Raider-Defender region potentially that would restore regions from the grip of the Black Riders and their friends.

In the meantime, let's keep bureaucracy small and work slowly. I think it would be wise to generate a list of members - WA members - in all regions that belong to the Biblical Assembly. For now only the APN belongs, but this could change in the future.

My WA can easily move from region to region as it is a Founder with no extensive duties. I can happily help in military campaigns. Who else is willing?

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