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Post by [Archeuland] on Sun Nov 30, 2014 5:33 pm

We have moved on after a three-hour tour at ProPHPBB, which was really a terrible website to use for hosting. It was immensely complicated and far too difficult for a simpleton like myself to handle. Let's put aside my technical inexpertise and look forward to a bright future at this forum here.

I am familiar with Forumotion hosting, and I understand how to use these websites a lot better than anything else. As I've been using it off and on for over three years, I can assure you that things here - as opposed to the other forum - will run a lot smoother.

As a conservative, I like to make small and gradual changes, but in this case, I have been wanting to make a forum for our NationStates activities for some time now. It will be good to do things offsite. It had to be done eventually, and really, this will give us a lot more leeway, not just for roleplays, but also for General discussion, of which I am notorious for participating in, not to shamelessly promote myself or anything. Laughing

In anticipation of a tidal wave of new guests - or not - I have created a Moderation and Technical forum already.

Furthermore, the purpose of this forum will be wide, and since it covers so much, it will be mainly focused on all of our NationStates activities. It will include the Genevievian roleplays, the Alliance of Protestant Nations region, and the Biblical Assembly organization. It may expand in the future, but for simplicity's sake, it should be called the 'Genevievian Christian Sphere' from this point forth.

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